Why Oral Anabolic Steroid Works Better Than Injectables

Injectable steroids are very famous for their fast delivery of exogenous testosterone in the bloodstream while averting strain on the liver. But not everyone is ready to feel the pain of intramuscular injections every day so they look for other ways to take steroids. This is where oral steroids come in, oral steroids do not cause severe liver damage unless the user is abusing them or not taking them properly. In terms of effectiveness, both oral and injectable steroids deliver the same results. There are a lot of convenient ways to oral steroids, which will reduce the risk of side effects. Now let’s check out some popular oral steroids and know why they are so popular.  

Superdrol (Methansterone)

You cannot talk about powerful anabolic steroids if you never tried Superdrol or Methasterone. By using this powerful oral anabolic steroid bodybuilders get a tremendous increase in muscular strength and hypertrophy. The substance lives up to its name. Do you want to buy steroids USA? Do not forget to add this substance to your gear list. According to experts, Superdrop is the oral equivalent of Trenbolone causing rapid transformation in body composition and preserving dry muscle gains. For bulking phase, take Superdrol, the substance does not convert into estrogen in the body so no water retention only solid and big muscles. Take your physique to the next level by trying out Superdrol and never look back. Seasoned users rely on this substance to add lean muscle tissue and cause monstrous developments in strength.


Oxymetholone is a potent DHT-derived component and probably the perfect steroid for massive mass gain. Oxymetholone is best known as Anadrol. Unline Superdrol, Anadrol causes weight gain in the form of lean muscle and water retention. Bodybuilders who want 30lbs of weight by using an oral anabolic steroid rely heavily on Anadrol. Others want steroids for sale, which is meant to be the best way to get Anadrol. Anadrol is a beast in the oral steroid category but it also causes liver toxicity so users are advised to use TUDCA supplements to suppress the negative side effects. Athletes and bodybuilders take Anadrol before the competition, which certainly allows them to get muscle fullness and maximum definition. You can reduce the amount of fluid retention by taking less sodium-rich diets while on an Anadrol cycle.

Dianabol or DBOL

People in the bodybuilding community have heard of or used Dianabol, it is the most commonly used oral anabolic steroid in the world. The substance has been used in the past and still in the present; no other steroid can take its place. Experienced bodybuilders stack Dianabol with Deca Durabolin to maximize its effectiveness. The drug is very similar to Anadrol but 10 times more powerful, it is also the strongest muscle-building agent having slight estrogenic traits. However, Dianabol does not have androgenic effects like other AAS because the 5a-reductase enzyme is not present in large quantities. If you want to look huge like hulk then Dianabol is your drug. You can either run a solo cycle or stack it with Tamoxifen to counter aromatization.  

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