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Buy Testosterone-AQ 50 & Get Promising Results in a Short Time

The testosterone base or AQ 50 is a top choice for many bodybuilders because it can deliver more than what you can anticipate from other steroids. It is indeed a potent anabolic steroid, and one helps to keep the testosterone levels at peak level. Athletes often use it to increase energy and deal with low levels of natural testosterone production in conjunction with other steroids. A normal user can gain more than 15 to 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in a cycle. Although, the testosterone base does not contain ester it lasts for a long time. This means a user can gain advantages for long periods and does not require frequent use.  

Reasons to Use Testosterone-AQ 50

The testosterone base is mainly used to build lean muscle mass and strength in a short duration. You cannot just rely on this injectable anabolic steroid to build the physique you want, proper training and high-calorie intake is also vital. You have to do a lot of hard work and push beyond your limits yet be able to experience the positive changes in the body and feel stronger than ever before in just a few days. The testosterone-AQ 50 is not a typical steroid because it does not possess an ester. But esters are measured into the steroid weight hence esterified steroid like this one is not mg for mg of free hormone. Since it does not have any ester some users tend to inject it daily to maximize the effects. You can buy Testosterone-AQ 50for therapeutic and nontherapeutic purposes but failing to use it properly can pose severe consequences. Some experts believe that every day and even other-day injections are not necessary with a testosterone base.

Benefits of Using Testosterone Base include:

  • More energy
  • More red blood cells production
  • Higher libido
  • Make protein intake way better

Finding a testosterone base may not be an easy task but you can find it online. For instance, you might find steroids for sale very useful and a good source to obtain this drug.

Testosterone-AQ 50 Dosing

The only way to use this substance is through injections. You must have a 25 gauge needle and use it to deliver this substance successfully into the body. Although, the injection site might get sore therefore find the best spot to inject it while minimizing the pain. Seasoned bodybuilders are not afraid to buy Testosterone-AQ 50 and use it regularly but beginners are recommended to stay off this course. They can however take 100mg every 3 to 4 days but they should not overdo it primarily to lower the side effects. Only experienced bodybuilders can take 250 mg every week lasting for 8 weeks but it is not ideal to exceed 12 weeks. Testosterone base is sold under various brand names but only Pharmaqo delivers the best testosterone base steroid.   


The testosterone-AQ 50 is a powerful steroid that can change a person’s mood. So users should not take it anymore if they see changes in their behavior like depression or aggression. So before you go any further or buy Testosterone-AQ 50 consult with a doctor right away and run some tests to see if your body can tolerate this.

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